Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Deadline Post-it - Bang-Yao Lui 2008

Bang-Yao Lui created the stop-motion animation film for his final project at Savannah College of Art and Design.

The animation took 3 months to film, 3000 post-it notes and 1 week to edit. The use of the editing program makes the viewers feel like they are watching something which took a week to film, and shorter to edit. Its not until the end where you realise how much effort the crew and creator went to for the final project.

The use of colour on the wall makes it seem more realistic and giving the post-it notes a personality - of course they cannot move, but the animation makes it feel like they are moving across the wall into different shapes and objects. The size of the animation makes the personification of the post-it notes even more real. I feel it also makes everything easier to understand while watching the animation.

The use of colour, editing and size makes the video seem like it has been created by professionals, it surprised me to find out it was done by students.

The concept of the video isnt clear if you watch it a couple of times. Its clear to see that the video has a sturcture, with a beginning, middle and an end. From my point of view, the concept could be exploring the idea of a fully craft driven piece, using stop-motion animation.

Posting it on YouTube allowed the world to see his creation, now its been recognised as a wonderful video by E4's series 'RudeTube' making an appearance in the 'Weird and Wonderful' episode.

stop motion dead line senior project cool animation DEADLINE Post it Stop Motion, Directed by Bang yao Liu!  Stop Motion Animation At Its Best!

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