Monday, 19 October 2009

Chapter 2 - Technology, Techniques and Styles

'DEADLINE - Post-it' (YouTube) Bang-Yao Liu 2008

'The Girl Chewing Gum' by John Smith 1976

In the space of 33 years, technology has meant that more and more of people's ideas can be expressed better, with it becoming more realistic as technology advances.

The 'DEADLINE post-it' Video was created by a student from
Savannah College of Art and Design for their final project (available on YouTube). By only using stop-motion animation it has shown the advancement in technology, which means that more and more of the creators ideas can be expressed better. Another way of showing the advancement in technology is the images are able to be stitched together to make the video have a smoother transition between pictures.

'The Girl Chewing Gum' uses a camera to shoot in a continuous motion which allows us to see what is happening as it happens which is easier on both the crew and the audience. This is because there is no jumpiness between scenes or pictures unless they are meant to be placed there, by using the cut effect in editing.

The styles vary differently, but they both have the same outcome, they both are trying to show the audience something. In one film this is exploring the idea of a fully craft driven piece by the use of stop-motion animation and clever shots as well as a mix of good music and clever animation skills, whereas the other video is trying to convince people the order in the way it happens, when actually it is prerecorded and watching from a certain distance by continuous shots, and have clever sentences over the shots, repeated to create the first impression which leads to the audience's assumption.

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