Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Experimental Video Post-Production Diary

23rd November
All the images had been uploaded at home. Once the images had been put into the correct order and timings were sorted out at home it would have been easier on me during the production weeks to create music and the certain sound effects to match the pictures.

24th November
Today more music was added as well as opening and ending credits, the still frame was taken and everything was put into a final video. Once the video had been converted, a menu was made and the still frame as well as the final video got placed into the menu. After this, the final video and menu options got burned onto a compact disk.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Experimental Video Diary

Day one - Monday
40 mins spent on deciding whether to have the black backdrop or not. Mainly because the camera over exposed the wooden man and the fruit on the table. After deciding not to have the backdrop the camera focused onto the wall at the back instead of the objects - maybe I should have tried to work with the backdrop. Wooden men and fruit etc worked really well and there was a good first scene. Edited the days work together and placed onto facebook.

Day two - Tuesday
The crew and I had no idea what to do, I had brought some 'blu tack' to help animate the fruit and table. Stupidly I left the fruit at home, instead the crew and I created faces on the wooden men so that they became different people to the ones in the first scene, therefore we were able to create another dance/bowling scene.

Day three - Wednesday
Last scene of the video, and everything went well. However very few pictures didnt work. Although the use of blu tack helped alot. The crew made the few scene's funny as well as getting them done easily. The blu tack helped alot with the fruit and it made the scene more creative because I didnt have to worry about something falling off the 'table' or rolling off the desk.