Thursday, 24 September 2009

Chapter 4 - The Use of Exhibition Space To Create Meaning

The two artworks I will be talking about are Anish Kapoor's 'Ishi's Light' from 2003 and Robert Therrien's 'No Title (a table and four chairs)' also from 2003.

Anish Kapoor's 'Ishi's Light' is a structure with two plain colours. Being a matt brown on the outside, the attention is drawn to the inside of the shape, a gloss on the inside reveals a dark red colour. The artist said that it is to 'represent the creation of the universe'.
Being in a plain room painted white, the colours of the artwork draw the viewers attention to it. As well as the contrast of the colours on the inside of the artwork compared to the colour of the walls. As a viewer of the art the meaning was unclear, and still is. By knowing what the artist tried to reflect in the art work, it makes it slightly easier to understand the meaning of the artwork.
Anish Kapoor Ishi's Light 2003

Robert Therrien's 'No title (a table and four chairs)' is simply a table and four chairs placed around that table. The concept behind the artwork is to try to explain that art comes in many forms, even if they are objects that are used on a daily basis.
As the same as before, being in a plain painted room the artwork stand out, as there is nothing else to look at. The viewers attention is no longer diverted onto other things in the room. The lighting, showed in the picture, make it seem as though its right as well and being wrong. For example, being the right size whilst being the wrong size. Being such a bold colour it makes it even easier for people to notice the artwork. Being able to walk under the table and chairs made them seem even bigger, or me, smaller.
Robert Therrien No Title (Table and Four Chairs) 2003

Either of these artwork items fit within the surroundings of an exhibition. Either of them would look different if they where in a town center or field.
Anish Kapoor's 'Ishi's Light' I feel is more flexible and can adjust dependant of the surroundings it is placed within. If it was placed into the town center, it still looks like art, but maybe creating the feeling that its a sculpture to show what's going on instead of trying to reflect the whole universe.
Robert Therrien's 'No Title ( A Table And Four Chairs)' isn't as flexible when it is placed in different surroundings, as it looks its best in the current surroundings of the exhibition. If it was placed in the town center, it may look like an advert for furniture instead of trying to put across the idea that ordinary objects could be seen as art if they were seen in a different way or from a different point of view.


  1. Very good. Does the use of the room make the table and chairs look larger? are you able to interact with the chairs? Also think how the work might look outside of that context, say in the centre of town or a field?

  2. Great start Kerrie, you have covered all of the main points in the chapter. Can you attempt another chapter of your choosing? Well done.