Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Exhibition Space Layout & Explanation

The event was held on Wednesday 2nd December 2009.

This is my layout for my exhibition space. There is plenty of seating and a wide space for the video to be seen by its audience.

I decided to pick the restaurant as my exhibition space because it meant that once the audience had sat down, nothing apart from the video would change the viewer’s mood. This meant it was easier for me to find out what the audience’s opinion on the video was. The space, being the Le Corden Vert Restaurant on the college campus, related to my video because of the fruit scene, as well as the Restaurant serving fruit. I didn't set up any lights or having anything else in the room except for the music that was installed from my menu, on the DVD.

a group of people decided to show their work, in the same space, to make it easier for more of the audience. The audience included family members and friends, however, family members viewing their daughters work, would be considered to be strangers watching my video, this was so I could get a better evaluation on my work. The same would be said for other visitors at the event.

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